Thanks for your interest in the Glaciology and Remote Sensing group at the University of Kansas. Through a combination of field work, satellite remote sensing, and modeling, we research the interactions between ice sheets, climate, and sea level. We are currently funded by NASA's Cryospheric Sciences Program and NSF's Office of Polar Programs to study glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica. Please contact us with any questions.

About KU Glaciology

The Glaciology and Remote Sensing Group at KU consists of Leigh Stearns (Dept. of Geology), Kees van der Veen (Dept. of Geography) and a number of graduate and undergraduate students funded on glaciology projects. Our group collaborates with several faculty members at KU that do glaciology-related research, including our colleagues at CReSIS (Center for Remote Sensing of Ice Sheets), and in the Geography and Geology departments. Glaciology is a multi-disciplinary field, and we welcome potential collaborators who provide new observational, modeling, or analysis tools to our research. We are also often looking for graduate students with strong programming, modeling, remote sensing and quantitative skills.

contact information

email: stearns 'at' ku.edu
phone: 785-864-4202