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Aislin wins First Place at GIS Day! (11/21/16)
Aislin won First Place for her GIS Day poster presentation last week! We knew we were lucky to have her join our group this year!

Aislin and Sid present at KU's GIS Day (11/17/16)
Aislin Reynolds, who is doing a glaciology undergraduate Honor's thesis with us, and Sid presented their work at GIS Day. Sid's poster described his work on iceberg detection, and Aislin presented some new work on using historic (SPRI) echograms to investigate changes in basal crevasses and ice thickness on the Ross Ice Shelf.

Gordon S. Hamilton: 7/27/66 - 10/22/16
Some nice articles about Gordon - the best advisor, colleague, and friend I could have asked for. He will be missed by so many.

Our paper is highlighted in the Washington Post (10/11/16)
A paper about the importance of subglacial plume geometry, by U. Oregon grad student Dustin Carroll (Leigh is a co-author) is featured in the Washington Post.

Sarah presents at the Virtual Geoscience Conference in Bergen, Norway
Lucky Sarah is in Bergen presenting her photogrammetry results at the 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference (9/23/16)! Her poster shows photogrammetry results from historic aerial photos over the Transantarctic Mountains.

Sid and Sarah present at KU's GHawker Symposium (9/16/16)
Sid presented: Quantifying iceberg distribution in Greenland using SAR imagery
Sarah presented: Preliminary results of Transantarctic glacier hypsometry using stereographic techniques with historic aerial photographs

Leigh presents at the Topeka Science Cafe
Leigh is giving a talk about her research at the Topeka Science Cafe on Sept 13. This is a great group of Kansans who are interested in a variety of science topics. They meet once a month and are always interested in new speakers.

Congratulations to Sarah Child for passing her comprehensive exam!
On 8/22/16, Sarah successfully transitioned from being a PhD student to being an ABD PhD candidate!

Leigh and Sid attend UAF summer school in Alaska:
Sid and Leigh attended the glaciology summer school hosted by UAF in McCarthy, Alaska. Below are some pictures of our sunny two-weeks there!

Soroush attends the ISSM workshop:
Soroush traveled to La Jolla, CA for a week-long workshop on JPL's ISSM (Ice Sheet System Model).

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