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C.J. van der Veen

Kees joined the Department of Geography at KU in 2006, after spending 20 years at The Ohio State University as a research scientist with the Byrd Polar Research Center. His research focuses on using measurements of ice velocity and glacier geometry to identify mechanical controls on glaciers and how changes in these controls affect glacier flow and stability. Other specific areas of research include:

  • Dynamics of tidewater glaciers and iceberg calving.
  • Greenland outlet glaciers: history and dynamics since the Little Ice Age.
  • Remote sensing applications for glacial geomorphology.
  • Sustainability and Earth's resources: the role of population growth.

In addition to publishing more than 70 peer-reviewed publications, Kees is also the author of "Fundamentals of Glacier Dynamics.

For more information about Kees, visit his Geography Dept website

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