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Leigh A. Stearns

I joined the KU Department of Geology in 2009, after completing my Ph.D. in the Department of Earth and Climate Sciences at the University of Maine. While at Maine I studied outlet glacier dynamics in both Greenland and Antarctica, using satellite remote sensing techniques, field based observations, and numerical modeling. I focused on the different dynamics of glaciers draining through the Transantarctic Mountains and those located in East Greenland. A lot of my current research stems from interests developed, and results derived, during my PhD research.

In addition to maintaining an active research program and serving on a number of nationwide committees to improve polar data acquisition and distribution, I teach several courses in the Department of Geology. These courses include environmental geology, geomorphology, glaciology and a number of independent studies and seminars. I am also very interested in climate education and literacy, at all ages.

Leigh's CV

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