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Sarah F. Child

Sarah joined the KU glaciology group for her Ph.D. in 2011, after completing her M.S. at the University of Edinburgh. Her research interests involve using satellite remote sensing, historical photos, numerical models and geospatial analysis to investigate glacier dynamics. Sarah has been involved in the following projects:

  • Investigating flow variability of Byrd Glacier, Antarctica
  • Basal crevasse formation and evolution along the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica
  • Quantifying surface elevation change over the TransAntarctic Mountains using historic photographs
  • Mapping flightline paths for CReSIS airborne radar surveys
  • Using satellite imagery to map river discharge in the Himalayas

Sarah's papers and presentations

  • Child, S. and L. A. Stearns. 2016. Estimating stream discharge near Gangotri Glacier using optical and radar satellite imagery. KU Graduate Research Competition. Lawrence, KS.
  • Child, S., L. A. Stearns, and C. J. van der Veen. 2015. Estimating stream discharge from a Himalayan Glacier using coupled satellite sensor data. Eos. Trans. AGU, 96, Fall Meeting. San Francisco, CA.
  • Child, S., L. A. Stearns, and C. J. van der Veen. 2015. An exploratory investigation of basal crevasses on Byrd Glacier, East Antarctica. International Glaciological Society meeting on the Hydrology of Glaciers and Ice Sheets. Höfn, Iceland.
  • Child, S., L. A. Stearns, C. J. van der Veen, and S. Rezvanbehbahani. 2013. Investigating the effect of subglacial lakes on the force balance of Byrd Glacier. West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) meeting. Sterling, VA.
  • Child, S., L. A. Stearns, C. J. van der Veen, K. Purdon, J. Li, F. Rodriguez-Morales, R. Crowe and D. Gomez-Garcia. 2012. The relationship between ice velocity and bed topography on Byrd Glacier, Antarctica. Eos. Trans. AGU, 93, Fall Meeting. (Abstract C31A-0581). San Francisco, CA.
  • Child, S., Morin, Paul, Neibour, Spencer, Porter, Claire. 2011. Locating and using trimetrogon aerial imagery. Internation Symposium of Antarctic Earth Science, Edinburgh, UK.

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